Banana Cue Merienda


One of the best parts of our day in the ABR shop is when we get to enjoy "merienda". Merienda is an afternoon snack time (generally falling somewhere between 3 and 5 pm) that is observed by Filipino families, schools, and even companies! 

Traditional merienda foods include lots of sticky rice-based treats (banana leaf-wrapped suman is our very favorite), food on a stick (BBQ meats, mostly), and of course the "cues". Banana cue and camote (sweet potato) cue are chunks of fruit/veggies that have been fried in oil and hot melted sugar until they're gooey on the inside and crispy/carmelized on the outside. This food is generally served on a stick.  


At the ABR shop, we love making our own homemade banana cue, and our shop manager, Linda, shares the recipe so that you can try your hand at this treat, too: 

Banana Cue 


-Saba Banana (depending on where in the world you are, look for "cooking banana" or "plaintains") 
-Brown Sugar
-Vegetable Oil


  1. Heat your oil, medium-high. There should be enough oil in your pan to partially submerge the bananas. 
  2. Place the bananas in the oil and begin to fry them, stirring constantly. Add sugar (about 5 tablespoons for 10 pieces of banana), and continue stirring/cooking banana until each piece is coated with carmelized, sticky golden sugar. 
  3. Remove bananas from hot oil/sugar mixture, drain, and place on sticks/skewers. 



We hope you enjoy this yummy snack as much as the ABR worker's kids do! 

Hannah Maria