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A Beautiful Refuge wouldn't be possible without our blogger partners from the Ethical Blogger Network

Holly Rose of Leotie Lovely
Holly is a Canadian living in Paris and is passionate about eco and ethical living. She is currently working on a 365 day series called #GoneGreen2016 for which she writes a daily post for her blog, Leotie Lovely, on how to live more sustainably and ethically.

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Ashlee Uren of One Fair Day

Ashlee tries to wear the change she wants to see in the world. Her love for ethical shopping stems from her passionate belief that the actions of individuals can be incredibly powerful in positively impacting the world. Ashlee is a lawyer practising in international law and in her spare time enjoys blogging about her ethical lifestyle journey. 

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Christy Nicholson of Beyond the Fried

Christy is a recovering perfectionist seeking to live one day at a time as a stay-at-home mom and wife. A Nashville native, Christy is passionate about sustainable fashion, justice, and finding serenity in everyday life.

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Additional Partners: 

Lydia Rex

Lydia is passionate about the care and nurture of children, and as a former doula and birth center nurse, she has a wide variety of interests relating to maternal and infant wellbeing. Lydia is most importantly a mother, and she treasures that role and her family for the gift they are!

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