As a business for good, we're striving to be completely transparent regarding our finances and business plan. Use the information below to learn more about exactly where your donations are going! 

Our Startup Budget is $20,300.00

$14,400 for screen printing equipment. See a detailed list of each piece of equipment below! 

$4000.00 for our initial textile order. We'll be printing on ethically made and environmentally friendly textiles (cotton pillows, wall banners, table runners, tees, and tote bags). We will be placing orders for tees and totes from Freeset in India and we will be having pillow covers and banners custom-sewn by Fairsew in Cambodia. Using these wonderful companies ensures that our entire supply chain will be transparent and that each worker whose hands touch our products will be paid fairly, not just the women at Safe Refuge. 

$1000.00 for website development, a laptop, and accounting/order software. 

$900.00 for professional product photography and copywriting.

Email us for more details

4 Color Screen Printing Press


Conveyor Dryer


Exposure Unit


Flash Cure Unit


Frame (20 units)



Squeegee (7 units)


    Green Galaxy



    Green Galaxy
   Eco-Friendly Ink (20 units)


    Green Galaxy


Scoop Coater (5 units)


Screen Mesh (20 units)



Scrub Brush (5 units)


Total: $14,409