Fair Wages

TELAstory pays all of our workers a true living wage. What does this mean to us? We define a living wage as a wage that allows for the following: 
-Safe housing 
-Healthy Food
-Education (children's school fees) 
-Clothing and household needs 
-SAVINGS for big purchases like a motorbike
-Some leisure money (eating at a restaurant or seeing a movie every once in awhile, being able to afford to go visit family in the provinces, etc) 

A worker in Asia should be making enough for themselves and several other dependents (one adult and a few kids)

We base our wages on the research by Asia Floor Wage and mostly agree with their way of calculating a living wage in Asia in a regional manner (https://asia.floorwage.org/what). We pay beyond the 23,000 pesos currently set by Asia Floor Wage as the living wage in the Philippines, as we believe the higher costs of living in Metro Manila require additional compensation.

Our working hours are 9-5 Monday-Friday, and all employees are fully paid for all international and Philippines holidays. Workers at TELAstory are entitled to benefits including PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, and SSS.